Monday, September 8, 2008

Shahid and Kareena's "Milenge Milenge" will hit the Theaters soon

Kareena and Shahid, the most famous couple who broke up recently is ready with their another movie "Milenge Milenge". Boney Kapoor wants to cash this break up in his movie "Milenge Milenge" as the last film to feature the stars, in exactly the same way he did for the movie "Pukar" madhuri dixit's last movie before her marriage.

'Milenge Milenge' is the Hindi version of Peter Chelsom's 'Serendipity'. Serendipity is the story about two strangers who meet by accident while shopping for their respective partners' Christmas presents.From that first chance meeting, their attraction to one another surprises them by growing stronger, despite the fact they are happily committed to others. Both of them are opposite from each other as the girl called Sara is firm beleiver in fate whereas the boy called Jonathan is quite pragmatic. Though both of them knew that they are made for each other but still on Sara's persuasion Jonathan agrees to wait what destiny has decided for them.

Serendipity was a fun movie, a real escapist. Lets hope that this duo will again create the magic on the screen as they did in "Jab We Met".

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