Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adhyayan is a perfect Partner : Kangana Ranaut

So finally love birds have decided to make their love affair public. Recently this couple is seen cuddling up at various events. Kangana says she has never denied her closeness with Adhyayan and I see him as a perfect patner for me. And same is the case with Adhyayan Suman. But this love story has some family obligations too. Its in news that Shekhar Suman is not happy with this public confession made by Adhyayan and the boy had an altercation with his parents over this issue.But Adhyayan denies the fact and said "My parents have no issues with Kangana, it is just that they are concerned about my career".

He regret his decision of doing "Haal-E-Dil", he said "My father didn't approve my decision, it was me who was impulsive  to start  his career and i realize my mistake when movie received a cold shoulder from the audience". Adhyayan is now working in the Bhatt camp and has few movies in his hands. He expressed his wish to work with Katrina in future. On being asked, Isn't he afraid of her Boyfriend Salman Khan, he smiled and said "He is a nice person, I don't think he would have any problem in that".

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