Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monika Bedi lost the battle

Monika bedi is now out of Big Boss and rahul mahajan survived again.She wants to stay there till the end of the show and emerge as the winner. but Unfortunately she couldn't make it. She was in news to have closeness with Rahul mahajan inside the house of Bigg Boss Season 2. and it was purported that Abu Salem felt insecure due to this very news but it was just a media-created rumour.

Monika take up this show to clear the air as she thought this show will give her the opportunity and a right platform to socialize with people there in the show. and the main reason was that she knew this show will be telecasted on the national TV she can express her emotions infront of the nation. She keeps herself busy in writing autoboigraphy.

Monika's life take a turn to a wrong path when she met Abu Salem, though things first seems to be nice to her as she was getting roles in movies. Everyone knows she was not a good Actress but still she was offered roles just because she was be hand in glove with Abu Salem. But then the life shows its Cruel side to this girl. The hunger of fame and money left her with nothing in hand.

Monika has made a mistake but what about those people who take pleasure in passing scornful remarks to her parents and question their upbringing. We should not forget that every one of us commit mistakes in our life. Just remember "To err is human and to forgive is divine". When she entered Big Boss the reason she gave to be in this show was she wants to make people know that anyone can make mistakes and she is not that bad as people thought her to be.

"Everyone thinks that i don't have any financial problems but i just want to tell everyone that I'm not in a condition to take a home even on rent. I'm in need of money and i'm still struggling to get back to a normal life" she said and tears welled up in her eyes and roll down her face. Sanjay Nirupam offered to help her in buying a house in Andheri, hope he lives up to her expectations and fulfill his promise by helping her.

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