Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At Last, Amrita made an Honest Confession

Amrita is so comfortable in changing boyfriends that no past affair can make her stay without a boyfriend even for a week. Now the girl is used to break-ups, she seems to got over cricketer and her ex-boyfriend, Usman Afzal and even moved on into the arms of Shakeel Ladak, a hyderabad based business-man. A recent report claimed that Amrita's new beau is younger than her. Annoyed by this she decided to call the journalists and in her interview she said "I'm no cradle-snatcher. I'm 29 and my boyfriend is all of 34! when will people get their facts right ?".
Well, you deserve a pat on your back Amrita. In the Bollywood, where every beauty try to prove herself younger and claims that she is just 23 and 25, you have the audacity to speak up the truth. Atleast you make an honest confession this time.

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