Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shahana Goswami making her debut as a smooching star

Shahana Goswami is a professional theater actress and now she is all set to make a new begining in the Bollywood. She has already acted in Farhan Akhtar's movie "Rock On" and has done full justice to her role. And her new movie "Rubaru" in which she is paired with Randeep Hooda is going to be released on 12 September of this year. Rubaru is a modern story about a couple who are in live-in relationship from two years and the highlight of this movie is that they both have shared 10 intimate kisses, calling it a kiss is like a insult rather it should be termed as smooch and that too a long one.

On being asked about her bold stand in the movie Shahana said “A kiss is an eternal sign of romance and love. ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’ being a modern love story of a couple who are living in relationship for two years, the intimacy and chemistry had to be right. It was a part of my job to authenticate the relationship on screen, and Randeep being a thorough professional made me very comfortable before each scene”(Randdep hooda must be having experience of doing this).  Lets wait and watch if this movie can do wonder to this new girl and to our struggling actor Randeep hooda.

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